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In Bangladesh, cricket is more than simply a national pastime; it’s practically a way of life. The sport has been around since the Middle Ages and has dedicated fans worldwide, but still nowhere more so than in Bangladesh.

As one might expect, you can get your fill of cricket betting action at the top Bangali betting sites.

Parimatch offers you the best odds on a variety of cricket betting markets. 

Cricket bets – the rules of the game.

While cricket is widespread, most Bengali don’t understand the rules of betting on a cricket match. To help you out, the following are the key rules in cricket betting:


  • Basic Goals: The game’s goal is for one side to rack up more runs than the other. At the end of the game, the team with the most runs wins.
  • Teams and Players: A cricket team comprises 11 players. The participants are split into two groups: those who bat. or batsmen, and those who throw the ball, or bowlers. The bowlers try to stop the batsmen from getting runs, which is what the batsmen should do.
  • Innings: Each team gets some time to bat and bowl. In a typical cricket game, each side gets to bat twice.
  • Runs are won when the batsman strikes the puck and runs to the opposite end of the field. At the end of every match, the group with the most runs wins.
  • Wickets: The number of wickets is how many times a team loses a batsman. The batsman is out if a bowler strikes the wickets behind a batsman with the ball. At the end of the game, the team with the most wickets is the loser.
  • Types of Cricket: There are different kinds of cricket matches, like test matches, one-day matches, and T20 matches. The rules are a little different for each kind of match.
  • Betting: Cricket wagering is permitted in some nations but prohibited in others. Fortunately, it is legal in Bangladesh, and you don’t have to worry about betting on Parimatch.
  • Betting Options: Cricket betting gives you tons of options like match betting, top batsman, top bowler, outright betting, and many other wagers are all possible on cricket matches. However, you should only bet after careful consideration of the odds and potential outcomes of each wager.


In a nutshell, cricket is a complicated sport that entails a wide range of regulations and playing styles. Before placing any bets on cricket matches, it is vital to have a solid understanding of the game’s rules.

How To Get Started With Mobile Cricket Betting On Parimatch 

The Parimatch app can be used on iOS and Android devices. The app is available for easy and rapid download for iOS devices. Simply visit the AppStore, look for the Parimatch app, and download and install it on your device.


Here are the steps to install the Parimatch app on your Android device.


  • Tap the Parimatch app option on the official website;
  • choose the right version and download;
  • Ensure that the “anonymous sources” button in the phone’s security settings is enabled before starting the.apk installer;
  • run the.apk and continue with the instructions

Benefits of Betting with Parimatch 

  • Easy-to-use interface: The best online fantasy cricket app will make betting simple even for novice users. The Parimatch app’s interface is simple and uncluttered and has clear instructions for placing bets and seeing odds, among other functions.
  • Cricket matches and leagues to wager on: IPL, the Cricket World Cup, and other international matches are all available on the Parimatch betting app. As a result, you can wager on your preferred teams and players and discover new betting markets.
  • Odds and bets: Parimatch app allows for various wagers, including pre-match wagering, in-play wagering, and wagers on match outcomes and individual players’ performances (such as outright winners, top batters, and top bowlers).
  • Real-time match statistics: Parimatch understands that betting on cricket matches online necessitates access to live data, such as scores, wickets, and more. This helps players to swiftly adjust their wagers based on the latest information about the game.
  • Live match-stream: You can stream live matches fon the Parimatch betting app. This is meant to allow punters to keep tabs on the action as it unfolds in real time and provide a more immersive betting experience. It helps users to monitor the game better and make educated wagers.
  • Secure user data: Parimatch employs security features like Encryption capabilities and two-factor verification on their betting app to keep customers’ private data safe. In addition, the app undergoes frequent audits by impartial third-party bodies to guarantee it stays updated with the latest security requirements.
  • Welcome bonus: This online cricket betting app offers its new users a welcome bonus, like a free bet or a match on their first deposit. This helps bring in new people to the app and gives them a reason to start betting.
  • Mobile compatibility: Parimatch betting app work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets so that users can bet on the go. 
  • Customer support: Parimatch is reputable for offering customer service in multiple ways, like email, live chat, and phone. The support team understands their role, responds fast, and can fix any problems or address any inquiries that users may have.

How To Bet On Cricket Online In Bangladesh?

There are the simple steps you need to take to start betting on cricket games in Bangladesh: 


  • Find a reliable bookmaker, and Parimatch is your best option
  • Create an account with your preferred site 
  • Make your first deposit
  • Peruze throughout the platform and locate cricket section 
  • Choose your preferred match and predict the possible outcome 
  • Place your bet, 
  • Decide on the amount you want to spend 


It will just take you a few minutes to finish these measures. If you decide to use Parimatch, you can rest assured that you will have a fantastic time. This can be demonstrated in various ways, including the excellent odds provided by the platform, the ease of usage, the platform’s interoperability with mobile devices, and so on.


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